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Not your average IT support company

Hello.  Are you after some help with the IT in your small business?  Fed up with looking at IT companies who all seem to be saying the same thing?  Do you feel that your team isn't getting the best out of technology?


We can help. 

Our Services

Our Services

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We're just as much a people support company as an IT support company.  We make sure you have the technology and the technical know-how to thrive in your job.  We do all the usual stuff like backups, setting up computers, cyber security and IT strategy, but we also do all the unusual stuff like making sure your team is fully aware of the current IT risks.  It's not just about strong passwords and multi-factor authentication.  It's about everyone knowing the dangers and how best to avoid them.  That's why we don't just deal with your IT systems - we work with your people. 

Whether you've been looking after the tech yourselves or feel neglected by your current IT solutions provider, why not have a chat with us to see if we can help.

IT support

You're busy, we get that.  So why are you getting involved sorting out the computers in your business?  We look after technology - it's what we do.

IT Review

Do you need help getting your subscriptions, security and data in order?  Having sleepless nights about whether your files are secure?

Disaster Recovery

Anything from a laptop loss to a full email system...what happens if disaster strikes?  Is your company data safe?

IT strategy

You have big ambitions for your business and you need to make sure that your technology will help you get there. But how?


Are you thinking that it's time to change the way you work?  Is the thought of changing making you delay the decision?

Cloud Solutions

Could keeping your data in the cloud help your business?  Will your team be able to work more efficiently and securely?  Is it the right choice for you?


“Thank you Liz, that was the most pleasant experience I’ve ever had with IT”

A Happy Client!

Ready to find out more?

Fancy finding out a bit more?  Why not?  Give us a call or drop us a line and we'll have a chat.  You've nothing to lose!

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