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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity isn't just for corporates.  Small businesses also need to ensure they put in steps to firstly prevent a disaster and then make sure that the business survives if disaster strikes.

For a small business, this is typically about keeping your files safe and backing up everything.  So your files need to be safe from any internet threat such as a virus, ransomware or a hacker.  Data on the cloud also needs to be secured.  If you look at the terms and conditions of Microsoft 365, they recommend that your data is backed up with a 3rd party.  So don't assume that just because you've signed up to a storage or email system that it's being backed up.

A disaster for a business could be anything from a data breach to a ransomware attack.  Perhaps your business struggled to adapt when the pandemic started.  Perhaps there was a fire in a neighbouring building and it's got you thinking about how you'd continue should there be a fire at your office.  There are so many scenarios but a thorough, methodical disaster recovery and business continuity plan will put your mind at ease.

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