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IT Review

Here's a common scenario.  When you start a business you may sign up to a cloud storage solution where you can keep your files.  Then you'll get your nice new laptop protected by Norton Internet Security as it was included with your laptop.  After a couple of months, perhaps you'll employ a salesperson.  So that's another new laptop but this one comes with McAfee Antivirus.  And your salesperson is on the road most of the time so she stores her files on her laptop, which isn't backed up.  After she's been with you for a year, the McAfee Antivirus expires but nobody notices.  Which means she's saving files on a laptop which isn't protected and you can't access her files. 

It's pretty easy how this can happen.  When companies are growing there's little time to think about IT strategy.  But perhaps now is the right time.  If it's got to the point where you have numerous subscriptions, data stored all over the place and you're worried about changing anything in case something stops working, then now's the time to have an IT audit.  Get in touch to see whether this is the right move for you!

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