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Top 10 signs that your IT support company is getting complacent

  1. They haven't called you in a while just to check-in

  2. You contact them with IT issues but they seem to be taking longer and longer to get back to you

  3. When they do provide an answer to your query, it's just a workaround rather than a solution

  4. The IT projects that were all planned when you started the contract never materialised

  5. You notice that your computers are getting slower and slower

  6. When you call them with a query, you seem to talk to a different person each time and you have to explain your setup from scratch

  7. You keep spotting mistakes on their invoices

  8. You're beginning to think that your IT is a bit out of date and you could be running more efficiently

  9. Your team doesn't seem to be aware of best practices that would avoid the latest security risks

  10. The contract price keeps increasing with no evidence of increased value

Fancy a chat with a different IT support provider? Get in touch with us at We look forward to hearing from you.

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