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Not All Spam is Unwanted

Did you know that the average number of legitimate email messages sent over the internet each day is 22.43 billion.*

Nearly 85% of all emails are spam.**

This translates into an average daily volume of 122.33 billion messages globally. No wonder our email servers are busy.

Spam filtering isn't an exact science. Although it's pretty good, it's always going to miss something - blocking something that isn't spam and letting through messages that you don't want. They use a lot of different criteria when they filter our emails. So not everything in your spam or junk folder is unwanted. There may well be geniune messages from potential clients so you could be missing out on a lot of money.

If you're lucky, the potential client will give you a call to see if you got their email. But chances are they will just assume you're ignoring them and move on to a different supplier. This is such a quick win, I don't know why everyone doesn't check their spam folder daily.

By the way, if you're finding that a lot of your emails are being categorised as spam, there is probably something wrong with your email setup. We can help with this so get in touch.

*Talos Intelligence

** Spamlaws

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