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The Importance of Flexibility

This article isn't so much about whether you can touch your toes. I'll leave that for another day. This is about flexibility with your IT solutions provider.

Small businesses can change very quickly. Let's look at March 2020 for example. Within a very short space of time, a lot of businesses had to put quite a few of their staff on furlough. But these same businesses had to adjust other areas too - in particular IT support. So a quick call to their IT support provider:

Client: "Hi there, I've had to scale back big-time on my business and put a few members of the team on furlough. So I'd like to reduce my IT support requirements please"

IT Support Provider: "That's completely understandable but I'm afraid you signed a 3 year contract so it's going to be difficult to change"

Even if you eventually manage to adjust the hours and costs, doesn't this leave a bit of a bad taste? Really, your IT Support Provider should have contacted you before you called them. They should be on top of your business requirements, not just your IT requirements.

So if you've been on the same agreement with your provider for the last few years and feel that they're not as flexible as you'd like, why not have a rethink?

We rely on having excellent relationships with our clients so we know how we can best help them. Fancy finding out more? Get in touch - We look forward to finding out more about your business.

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